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Library Board Job Description

General Description:

Library Board members are fiduciary officers of the City of Austin, who govern and set policy for the Library system, represent the Library to the community and the community to the Library, employ and supervise a qualified Library Director, obtain adequate funds for good library service and promote use of library resources in the City. (Governed by Minnesota Statutes 134.) Board members are appointed for three year terms, and are not eligible to serve more than three consecutive three-year-terms.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Adopts rules and policies of procedure for the Library, its services and staff.

Controls the expenditures of all monies collected or allocated for the Library, including approving claims and purchases of library buildings, furniture, shelving, etc.

Prepares and presents the annual budget to the City funding authorities.

Prepares and presents the annual budget to the County funding authorities.

Receives and approves gifts to the Library.

Adopts and defends a Material Policy to assure a comprehensive and balanced collection accessible to all the public.

Develops long- and short-range goals of service and evaluates those goals on a regular basis.

Supervises and directs the Library Director in the operation of the Library.

Attends monthly Board Meetings, other special Board Meetings called by the Board Chair, and Committee Meetings as needed.

Maintains communication with Friends of the Austin Library.

Knowledge and Skills:

Knowledge of the community -- its needs, interests and resources.

Knowledge of its legal responsibilities and authority.

Knowledge of the Library’s role in regional and national library networks.

Knowledge of the political process.

Time to devote to Library Board Meetings, Committees and related work.

Revised: February 2011
Adopted: September 1997